Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office

Office Profile Accounting&Tax Consolidated Accounting&Tax
Koyano Certified Public Accounting Office

Corporation Service


· Business Setup/Establishment
· Monthly Closing Service
· Labor Service
· Business Analysis
· Cash Management Service
· Closing Service
· Reporting Service
· Tax Declaration
· Attending Field Examinations
· Dissolution
· Liquidation

Consolidated Accounting&Tax

· Preparation of Consolidated
Accounting Statements
· Consolidated Tax System

(Japanese Corporations Only)

· Legal Audit
· Voluntary Audit

Support for Initial Public Offering(Japanese Markets Only)

· “Pre-Short Review” (preparatory examination service before short review)
· Support for Scheduling Public Stock Offering/Formulation of Capital Policy
· Referral to a Securities Company/Audit Corporation/Venture Capital/Human Resources
· Advice for Owner’s Business Succession
· Assessment of Stock Price/Option Price
· Support for Business Plan Formulation
· Support for Developing Internal Regulations/Internal Audit Framework
· Support for Consolidation of Affiliated Companies
· Support for Preparing Application Forms/Passing Screening
  Support for Developing a  Disclosure System

M&A/Organizational Restructuring
(Japanese Corporations Only)

· Formulation/Implementation of Schemes
· Financial Due Diligence
· Valuation
· Opinion on Accounting/Tax
· Advice on Funding

(Japanese Corporations Only)

· Arrangement Service
· Establishment of Intermediary Corporation/Limited Liability Company
· Delegation of a Representative
· Monthly/Fiscal Closing Service
· Tax Declaration
· Audit
· Dissolution/Liquidation

Due Diligence
(Japanese Corporations Only)

· For M&A/Venture Capital
· Corporate Revival
· Inheritance
· Asset Management

(Japanese Corporations Only)

· Valuation of Corporation
· Valuation of Operational Division
· Valuation of Share Warrant/Stock Option

Business Succession
(Japanese Corporations Only)

· Choosing a Successor
· Measures to Maintain Managerial Power
· Tax Strategy
· Preparatory Measures for Legacy Division

(Japanese Corporations Only)

· Analysis of Business Situation and Financial Condition
· Formulation of Management Plans
· Support for Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings

Human Resources・Labor Service (Japanese Residents Only)

· Payroll
· Social Insurance/Labor Insurance
· Risk Management
· Placement and Dispatch of Manpower
Personal Service

Inheritance (Japanese Nationals Only)

· Asset Valuation
· Simulation
· Reduction of Inheritance Tax
· Measures to Secure Tax Payment Money
· Writing a Testament
· Quasi-final Income Tax Return
· Valuation of Assets
· Legacy Division Conference
· Inheritance Tax Return
· Measures for Tax Payment
· Support for Inheritance Procedures

PB (Asset Management)
(Japanese Nationals Only

· Present Data Analysis of Assets and Circumstances
· Safeguarding/Management of Assets
· Handling Post-Inheritance affairs

Tax Return (Japanese Nationals Only)

· Income Tax Return
· Tax Return for Transfer Income
· Consumption Tax Return
· Gift Tax Return

Tax Return in the US
(Japanese Nationals Only)

· Tax Planning
· Preparation of American Declaration Forms
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